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Dr. Guteman, MD stated that 80%-90% of kids have trauma to the skull and upper neck following birth.  Beginning with the conventional, western birth process, children are exposed to a tremendous amount of stress very early in life. Later when they learn to crawl, walk, and run, they encounter countless falls and bumps. While a bandage and some comforting words can help a skinned knee, the neurological system adapts and stores each one of these events.

When the body’s ability to integrate these experiences in any given moment is exceeded, the stress is stored in the neuro-spinal system and optimal function and expression is diminished.  Through chiropractic care, your child's ability to adapt to these experiences is improved.  

Dr. Kaitlin has adjusted babies as young as 4 days old and is grateful for the trust moms and dads put in her with their kiddos! Here at Thrive Family Chiropractic, adjustments for children differ significantly from those performed on adults. Infant adjustments are very gentle, and typically a baby will be soothed by an adjustment, or even sleep through the process!  

In childhood, we develop the foundation for the rest of our lives physically, chemically and emotionally. It is better to grow healthy kids than fix sick adults. Let's keep Little Rock kids healthy and happy.  Through chiropractic care and nutritional guidance, kids are given the best chance to function optimally early on in life and thrive!