Little Ones

A child's nervous system develops more in his or her first few years of life than at any other point in their life. Since children need a healthy nervous system to be able to grow and thrive, through chiropractic care for infants and toddlers, it is important for them to be checked early in life. Dr. Kaitlin uses non-invasive technology to assess if your child is functioning to their potential. Through a clear and balanced system, children can express their health optimally. Little ones who have properly functioning nerve systems experience:


  • Easier bowel movements

  • Fewer ear infections

  • Improvement in behavioral issues

  • More calm


At Thrive Family Chiropractic we are extensively trained on how to take care of the most precious thing in the world to you, your child. Dr. Kaitlin believes every child deserves the best start to life so they can express their God-given potential in life and in health.

  • Better sleep

  • Reaching milestones

  • Less asthma

  • Diminished allergies


Common signs that your child may benefit from craniosacral therapy include: 

  • Reflux

  • Breastfeeding troubles

  • Torticollis

  • Overall hypertonic muscle tone

  • Sleeping Difficulties

  • Head hyperextension

  • Plagiocephaly

  • Inconsolable crying


While in the womb and during the birthing process, babies are confined to tight quarters which can have a negative on the baby's cranial bones and fascia throughout his or her body. These restrictions can cause great discomfort, and therefore fussiness, among other signs in your child. Dr. Kaitlin is a huge proponent of all newborns receiving Craniosacral Therapy as soon as possible after birth and then again for five or six times within the first three months of life and more often if there are concerns. Every child deserves the best possible start to life!

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