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Awesome place! I have been going since I found out I was pregnant. Dr. Parker has helped me through the many back aches and pains that come with pregnancy. I am now six months and feel great!

Alicia H.

Little Rock, AR

Dr. Parker treats you like you are her only patient. Not only does she care about the care she provides, she also cares about your overall well being. She has helped me stay in tune with my body and pay attention to it. I have been so used to ignoring and working though pain but thanks to her, I have learned to be honest and listen to my body. there

Teri K.

Benton, AR

The pain in my neck and shoulders has gone away. I am also sleeping better at night. Dr. Kaitlin is so easy to talk to and has helped me get healthier physically; not just through chiropractic care but with eating as well.

Penny B.

Sherwood, AR

Being only 21 but always being in sports, weight lifting etc I've suffered with severe neck/back pain and everyday migraines for the past few years to the extent on having to stop going to the gym, causing me to gain weight and put more pressure on my body, and even made doing simple tasks with the family become a challenge. I finally decided I was tired of "Just Dealing" with pain and taking multiple doses of Tylenol a day and go to a chiropractor to see if it would help any. So far I have went for 5 adjustments with Thrive and have not suffered from everyday migraines, I've had 1 migraine in 2 weeks and that was only because I didn't eat till late that evening. I've also been able to work without being in excruciating pain after 5 hours! Not once have I felt unwelcomed while there everyone is super sweet and truly care about your well being! This place come highly recommended in my book so if you are "just dealing" with the pain stop putting yourself through it and see what they can do for you because Lord knows they've done wonders for me in the short time I've been there

Jordan S.

Little Rock, AR

Chiropractic care has eased the back pain that I have had since my first pregnancy and provided me with a much more comfortable second pregnancy.

Crystal E.

Little Rock, AR

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